Peruvian Jewelry Silver. Culture You can Wear

You ready to take the next step and add some Peruvian jewelry silver into your collection? If you are it is because you understand the great benefits of silver that is produced in Peru and realize that it is of a higher standard than the silver produced in the United States.

With so many different options to choose from it’s no wonder that Peru has become one of the top destinations for jewelry silver. The list is endless from earrings to bracelets to necklaces to anklets and even hair clips. It’s true that the options of Peruvian jewelry silver are limitless, but what is the constant in all of it is the quality you will be getting in every single piece you purchase.

What you can be sure is that in every piece of jewelry you will get 95% silver, whereas in the US and Europe you will almost always only receive 92.5%, which is considered sterling silver.

Move away from the quality aspect and you will be blown away by the level of craftsmanship put into all the silver jewelry bought in Peru. Made by hand is a term not used to heavily in the United States or most of Europe as we have long been producing all of our goods by machine so we can get as much out as we can and make as much profit as possible. This isn’t the case with Peruvian silver jewelry.

When you put on a silver necklace made in Peru you can be sure that a person was sitting down in a chair at a desk, under the light of a lamp, working on your jewelry personally while using their own imagination to design it, also using the help of the secrets passed on from their father’s fathers. Not only will wearing a piece of jewelry made by hand feel more special and unique, it will also feel good knowing that your money went to the person who made it rather than to a corporate machine who won’t feel the direct impact of your money.

It is clear that buying Peruvian silver jewelry is the way to go in terms of quality and looks, and also by the fact you will be wearing something specially made for you by a person who put their heart, soul, and memories into it.

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