Peruvian Silver Jewelry, A Handcrafted History in Every Piece

More and more people have come to understand the better quality of Peruvian silver jewelry over the past few years. With a better quality of silver being used in every piece, and a handcrafted technique passed down from generation to generation, buying silver jewelry from Peru is the way to go in all aspects.

The main and most obvious advantage to buying your silver jewelry from Peru is definitely the quality they hold as their standard. While all of all silver marked sterling silver in the Western World is at a 92.5%, which is considered top quality, in Peru they go above and beyond making all their jewelry 95% silver. It is impossible to have more than 95% as silver is too precious of a metal and needs another one, such a copper, to be its base and give it firmness.

Another great advantage is that Peruvian silver jewelry is made in the artisanal manner, which means its hand crafted, which means it’s more authentic than going to the jewelry mart and buying something made on an assembly line that will be seen on your neighbors and coworkers bodies alike. Anytime you can buy something made by hand, rather than machine, you can see the difference in the little details, such as a small link of silver that is crosshatched with another link to make a unique design¸ as people have the ability to be closer with their work than a machine can.

No matter what type of jewelry you are looking for, a pair of earrings or a larger necklace, buying handmade means original and all things original can be passed down within the family and become an heirloom for the future generations.

The question that might arise: Why would I fly all the way to Peru to buy a piece of silver jewelry? In the today’s modern technological era a trip to Peru is not needed, although it can be worthwhile, because buying Peruvian silver jewelry is just a website and a click away. But if you do have the time to take the trip it’s more than worth it because walking through the various markets, with all the vendors displaying their jewelry in glass casings, will give you more options to choose from. But, with the internet, buying silver jewelry from Peru couldn’t be easier.

Whether you want to make your choice online or in person it’s clear that buying Peruvian silver jewelry is the better choice in terms of higher silver quality. Add in the handcrafted aspect and you have a piece of jewelry that will last forever and have people wondering where you got it from.

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