Peruvian Gold Jewelry

Wearing a Piece of Art

If you are on the hunt for something new to complement your new dress you have consider a piece of Peruvian gold jewelry. With ancient handcrafted techniques combined with new age style there is no better place to go for a new necklace, bracelet, or pair of earrings that will for sure have people asking where you picked it up from.

Dating back to the Inca era, when Peru controlled the entire content of South America, gold has been just as much a part of their culture as the sun. In that era the kings of their civilization were dressed in gold jewelry which made them stand out in front of their subjects.

As the years progressed and the Spanish came in and took control over the entire content of South America, and as each country fought back for their freedom, the one constant in Peru was keeping their quality of gold jewelry intact. The traditions of making such unique pieces have been passed down from family to family, generation to generation, which is why when you buy a piece of Peruvian gold jewelry the beauty is astonishing and will leave the company you keep in awe as it will seem you are wearing a piece of art of your body.

In 2008 a 4000 year old Peruvian gold necklace was found in the Lake Titicaca region and is believed to be the oldest piece of gold jewelry found in any of the Americas. The archeologists had no intention of finding anything of that sort and, basically, just stumbled upon it in one of their sites and used carbon dating to place it around 2100 BC. The necklace was pieces of gold which were hammered down and rolled and looped through a wool string, but they have yet to find evidence if it was made for a ruler or whom. It seems that as long as people have inhabited Peru they have been making jewelry out of gold.

When thinking about the next accessory to go along with your dinner dress you must consider buying a charming piece of Peruvian gold jewelry as you can be sure that it will not only complement you outfit, but draw attention because in every piece of gold jewelry there is a history that dates further back they we might even understand just yet.