Peruvian Bracelets. Bringing you Luck and Class

With so many different styles to choose from the Peruvian bracelet is like a world unto itself. No matter what your style, the occasion, or your mood, finding a matching bracelet handmade in Peru will never be difficult, and you can make sure that each bracelet will help show the world who you are and the mood you are in.

Let’s say that you are looking for a nice casual bracelet to wear to the grocery store or while errands, a huayruro seed is a great way to go. The huayruro seed, which is found in the Amazon of Peru, is known to bring luck and good will to those that possess it. There’s nothing like letting the world know you have a little good luck in your day to day life. Besides its benefit of bringing luck a bracelet made out of huayruro seed has a very exotic look, with its bright red color and black eye in the middle, and can match with any outfit. When the seed is matched with a chain of silver it looks simple yet stunning.

If you want a bracelet a step up from casual Peruvian jewelry gives you limitless options. A great choice is the simple silver hoop, which if wore in multiples, such as three or four on a wrist and they can be matched with a pair of jeans and boots or even with a dress and heels. With the silver hoop bracelets loosely fitting, moving with the movement of your arm, they become to feel as if they are expressing your thoughts and actions for you.

Like to dance? Step out on that dance floor with your silver hoop Peruvian bracelets, dangling from your wrists, and you will be transformed into a salsa dancer with the rhythm of the music moving through your body as your jewelry moves with you and lets you feel free enough to trust your instincts.

It’s clear that a piece of jewelry is more than just an accessory because all jewelry becomes an extension of yourself and shows the world the type of person you are. A bracelet from Peru can show that you are casual, wearing a red huayruro bean, and that luck is on your side. Or your silver Peruvian hoop bracelets will let the world know that you have class, can look good in any outfit, and are not afraid to let loose and let yourself move about.