Peruvian Necklaces. A Culture Around your Neck

If you’ve been shopping around and looking for the right necklace to complement your style you must consider buying a Peruvian necklace. A necklace from Peru has unique qualities in which other jewelry from around the world just doesn’t have.

The biggest advantage you will find with buying a Peruvian necklace is that no matter what type you buy, which style you like, the one constant is that you will receive an artesian piece, which is to say it will be handmade. In a world which is overrun by mass production and everything is starting to look the same from shopping malls to movie theaters it is good to know that you can still buy a necklace which is made by human hands with the intention of putting a culture and a history into every piece.

Another great advantage of buying your newest necklace from Peru is the quality of metal you will receive. Silver is one of Peru’s greatest natural resources, and when they keep the metal in their country to make into jewelry, such as necklaces, they go the extra mile that you will never see in Western countries such as the US or England. For a piece of jewelry to be certified sterling silver it must contain 92.5 silver, needing another metal such as copper to be the base as silver is too soft a metal to hold form on its own, but any necklace you buy in Peru will be 95% silver giving you an extra 2.5% of what you paid for.

Another great aspect is the mystical value included into their necklaces such as one made with huayruro seeds. A huayruro seed is a red seed with a black center that is so rich in color is seems as if painted. The value of such a seed cannot be looked past as it is widely known throughout Peru that such seeds bring good luck to those who keep them. Having a necklace with a couple of huayruro seeds incorporated into its design is not only will make it look nice and exotic but will keep you in good luck at all times.

As you can see there are many great advantages to purchasing your next necklace from Peru from the quality of metals they such to the lucky charms of the seeds they use which also add decoration. There is no need to think a second longer as you can buy Peruvian necklace and be in good fortunes as well as in a unique and original style.