Peruvian Opal Earrings. A subtle, yet Classy Way to Draw Attention

If you’re looking for an elegant look you need go no further than a pair of Peruvian Opal earrings. More and more women have started to realize how they can accessorize their favorite outfits with the translucent opal that can draw a pair of eyes from across the room.

Just imagine walking into a room, its dark, there’s soft music playing in the background, and you have on your favorite dress and a pair of Peruvian opal earrings hanging from your ears. Better than sparkling like a diamond, opal draws in eyes with its deep, yet transparent color which adds a hint of contradiction that will add mystery to your beauty. There is no better contrast than the clear blue hanging in a nice piece of silver.

The best part about walking into any room with your new pair of Peruvian opal earrings is the confidence they will give you as you will know that no other woman will be wearing an identical pair. All the jewelry is Peru in handcrafted, with the methods handed down from generation to generation, giving you a sense of pride knowing you are wearing something made by hand in which the person’s soul and creativity was put into. And not only does handcrafted assure you to have on an original piece of jewelry, but it will give you the warm feeling knowing that your money is going straight to the producer, and not to the middle man who is bringing the earrings straight out of a factory, right off an assembly line.

All you need to know about opal produced in Peru in that it is mined from the Andes Mountains near San Patricio and is very rare in the country making it that much more special. Inside the Andes Mountains is much history, dating back to the Inca Empire, which gives the opal a special glow which will make your earrings glow like the moon in the sky, and will make every head in the room attract to you without even knowing it.

It’s easy to see why you would rather have a pair of classy Peruvian opal earrings hanging from your ears on a special night out on the town rather than a boring plain safe pair of diamonds that will make you look exactly like every other lady in the room. For the woman that likes to attract attention in a subtle, yet classy way, opal earrings are the way to go, especially when they come from Peru and are filled with the history that has passed through the Andes Mountains.