Handmade Peruvian Earrings. Art Dangling from Your Ears

If you’re looking to add some flavor to your favorite outfit you have no doubt looked into handmade Peruvian earrings. With so many styles to choose from, all being unique, picking out a great pair is not the challenge. The hard part is which ones to leave behind.

All throughout the country of Peru you can find artisans hard at work making incredible earrings. Some have their own stores they work out of, others work from home, and you can even find some hard at workat a bamboo stand in front of the beach. No matter where the artisans are working the one thing you can trust is that you will be getting authentic handmade Peruvian earrings.

A very common style you will see in handmade Peruvian earrings is the silver dangling ones that are centered around a little stone, whether it be opal, or a natural pearl. Such earrings look good in day or night, at the beach or a café.

What is so great about handmade Peruvian earrings is that they can be worn with anything and to any place you are going. A nice smooth pearl as the center piece of a silver pair of earrings can make your favorite sundress jump out and grab all the attention at the mall or you can put them on with your favorite black dress and head out to a fancy restaurant knowing you will be the center of attention.

The one thing you can be sure of when purchasing your earrings handmade in Peru is that each pair will be unique making it so when you put them on and go out there will be nobody else in the room wearing them. And then when someone asks you where you got them from, you can simply answer, ‘Oh, they were specially made.’ Who doesn’t want their own earrings made just for them? Add the culture that comes with being Peruvian handmade and you’ll have the confidence to show them off like you would a valued piece of art.

You can go with a basic pearl, a smoothed out seashell, a shiny silver hoop, or a classic blue opal and be confident that no matter what you are wearing and where you are you will feel comfortable and looking good. Just keep in mind that you might have more than one pair of eyes checking you out.