Peruvian Rings. A Great Jewelry to Add to Your Collection

When thinking about a new piece of jewelry to add to your collection you must consider buying a Peruvian ring. With so many options to choose from, so many precious metals and stones, you will be sure to find a ring from Peru that fits your style.

What makes Peruvian rings so special is the idea that the options truly are limitless. Is gold your style? You can be sure to find a nice gold band, with gold mined from the mountains of Peru, with a design as intricate and detailed as the mind of the person who made it. Would you rather have something made of sterling silver? Peru is the world’s largest producer of silver, and they make all of their sterling silver 95% pure while the United States only uses 92.5%. Don’t want to spend lots of money for silver of gold? Peruvian alpaca silver is a great option being a combination of copper, zinc, and iron, which has a look of sterling silver without the cost.

Beyond the options of the precious metal you want your Peruvian ring to be made out of you have many options with what stones to go with. That’s if you want a stone at all. Maybe the plain band with a small design woven into it is all you want. If you want more you can be assured that adding a nice blue Peruvian opal is a great idea. Blue Peruvian opal has long been a stone of mystic values, with its intense blue color that can look as clear as a Caribbean beach, and it only gains more beauty being the center of a ring made of silver. Why not add a little color to your fingers.

As with all Peruvian jewelry their rings are made the artisanal way, which is to say it is handcrafted, which is to say you can be sure that the piece you get is made by real people, whom learned the craft from their ancestors, ensuring your ring doesn’t come off the assembly line as cold as the machinery that made it.

You know you want a new ring, one that you can wear for multiple occasions, so why not go with a Peruvian ring? The easy part will be knowing that you want your next ring to be from Peru. The hard part will be not buying two or three more because the choices are limitless.