Peruvian Sterling Silver. Get the Extra Two and Half Percent

In a country rich with history, culture, and mystical artifacts Peru sterling silver is what comes to mind when anyone hears the word Peru. Since the time of the Inca Empire Peru has been known all over the world as having the best silver in the world and the fact that their mountains are filled with it makes it so this fact will last for many years to come.

While Peru produces over one hundred million ounces of silver a year and exports it all over the world, the country also keeps a good portion of it in order to turn into jewelry. The biggest difference Peru sterling silver has from sterling silver in other countries, such as the United States, is that Peru considers 95% silver to be sterling while the US considers any piece of jewelry containing 92.5%, as sterling silver. It is impossible to have more than 95% of silver in any piece of jewelry as silver is too precious of a metal and needs another one, such a copper, to be its base and give it firmness.

Those numbers saythat any piece of jewelry bought in Peru will have two and a half percent more silver in it. While that may seem like a small amount, just consider that two and half percent of one hundred dollars in two dollars and fifty cents. When you buy sterling silver in the US it’s like they are withholding two and a half dollars from what you are buying. Nobody likes being shortchanged with money so why let it slide with jewelry?

Once past the fact that you will be getting more value with sterling silver from Peru it’s also worth noting that the higher quality of jewelry produced in Peru. The artisans, handcrafted jewelry makers, of Peru take the more valuable silver and turn it into a piece of art that will have any jewelry coinsure stopping to take a look at the fine details. Giving the extra two and half percent is just the start and turning it into a treasure to be worn is the end product.

In a world in which more has always been more desirable why not ask the same of your jewelry? When buying anything made from Peru sterling silver the one guarantee is that you will always be receiving more weight in silver, making it more valuable without even going into the handcrafted manner in which it’s made.